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A divorce lawyer is the person you turn to when your marriage falls apart. When you hire a divorce lawyer, you are looking for a trained professional that can keep a cool head and act in your best interest. In Amarillo, Texas, the divorce lawyer you are looking for is Chip Parker, Attorney at Law.

Like all divorce lawyers, Chip Parker has studied family and divorce law. He will work in your favor to save you money and ensure the best possible outcomes in a divorce case. Chip Parker is a professional, dedicated to guiding you through an emotional and unsettling time.

Hiring the right divorce lawyer often begins with a recommendation. Family and friends may have experience with someone they trust. This can be a good jumping off point. It is important to hire a divorce lawyer that you find trustworthy and competent. Recommendations from others close to you can work to ease your mind and help you communicate freely and honestly. Your divorce lawyer has access to some of the most personal information about your life. You must be comfortable sharing intimate details with your lawyer, in order for them to protect and safeguard all of your interests.

A divorce lawyer represents one side in a divorce. If a lawyer says he/she can represent both of you… run away. That’s just not possible.

Much of your divorce lawyer’s time is spent researching, gathering evidence, drafting paperwork, and filing court documents. Your divorce lawyer will have access to intimate details of your life. They will review all of your personal paperwork from bank statements to tax returns. Once you have a recommendation, conduct your own research. Check the websites for prospective law firms to ensure the divorce lawyer has the experience you need.

The next step in hiring a divorce lawyer is scheduling a consultation. Once you make an appointment, begin preparing to meet your lawyer. You will need to be able to answer a range of questions related to your current family situation. You should be prepared to ask any questions you have at this time. Being ready with your questions can save you money further down the line. In addition, you will need to bring appropriate documents such as health insurance cards, credit card statements, mortgage papers, car insurance documents, photos, emails, or texts that are central to your case. The consultation is also your opportunity to observe how your lawyer reacts and responds to your questions. You will see how sensitive they are to your needs and begin to understand how knowledgeable they are about divorce and family law in your area.

Hiring a divorce lawyer to remain level headed throughout your journey is key to a successful and less stressful experience. Chip Parker, Attorney at Law, is ready to protect you and your interests during your divorce proceedings.

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