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Facts indicate that between forty and fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. If you are considering a divorce, it is vital that you have tried every reasonable effort to stay married. Loving and healthy relationships can often be rescued when both parties make an effort to repair what has been damaged. However, if you have made the decision to move toward a divorce, there are many things to consider. Contacting a divorce lawyer can ensure everything is handled appropriately. Chip Parker, Amarillo’s Divorce Lawyer, can help.

Each marriage and divorce are unique to the couple. However, there are some similarities in each divorce case. A divorce lawyer is responsible for helping parties divide assets and debts. In addition, divorce lawyers work to set terms for child custody and child support. In fact, child support, custody, and visitation are often the main considerations in a divorce case.

In general, once a divorce is filed, it can be finalized after sixty days. It is possible, but rare, that a divorce can be finalized on day number sixty-one. In most cases, you should not expect that to happen. It often takes more time for spouses and lawyers to gather necessary information. From there details will need to be discussed and appropriate paperwork will have to be filed.

Many people seeking a divorce are concerned with the cost. Divorces can be very expensive. However, they can also be properly managed in order to reduce the cost. Circumstances have a bearing on each divorce and can cause delays. Most divorce lawyers charge clients by the hour. Typical fees can be anywhere from $100 to $300 per hour. When a divorce lawyer charges by the hour, it creates a looming concern over cost. Chip Parker works a bit differently. Reading concern over costs in his client’s eyes and on their faces has led him to veer away from hourly costs. He has the experience to make fairly accurate estimates on the amount of time it takes to accomplish certain parts of a divorce.

Every divorce case will incur some court costs. It is the job of the divorce lawyer to know these costs. Amounts depend on who files for the divorce. They can also go up depending on witness subpoenas and additional hearings.

Chip Parker’s experience allows him to utilize a flat fee system. Each divorce case follows a basic list of things that may or may not be needed. For example, some cases need a hearing to establish temporary orders. These orders will need to be followed during the time the divorce is pending. There may be a special order regarding the division of retirement funds. Some cases need to go through a discovery process to find all property and debt. It is also possible that your case may need a contested trial in the end. After years of practice, Chip Parker knows how much work it takes to accomplish each task in a case.

When you meet with Chip Parker, you will get a quote. You will leave knowing how much your divorce will cost. There will be some separate fees for temporary orders, discovery, or final contested trials. It is important that you understand and have no doubt about your costs and what to expect. Obviously a simple divorce that does not involve children, has an agreement on property and debt division, will cost much less. More complicated cases require more work. Knowing from the beginning what your costs will be helps you and your divorce lawyer to get to work and complete the job. There are rare special circumstances in which Chip Parker will have to utilize an hourly fee.

Chip Parker, Amarillo’s Divorce Lawyer, has the experience and skills you need to navigate your divorce. He will be honest and upfront about your costs and work to get the job done. If you need a divorce lawyer, consult Chip Parker today. I’m looking out for your best interest.

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