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According to the Texas Tribune in April, 2019, at least one person has died on Texas roads every day since November 7, 2000. More than 3,700 people died on Texas roads in 2017. Almost all car wrecks are caused by negligent or distracted drivers, they think they can beat that red light, they ride your bumper and follow too closely, they don’t pay attention when entering an intersection, Chip has seen it all.

There is no such thing as a car accident. When two vehicles hit each other, at least one person was doing something wrong. A rising cause of car wrecks in Amarillo is distracted drivers, how many times have you seen someone driving down the road, looking at their phone? People are hurt and sometimes killed by this needless distraction, please put your phones down and tell your kids to do the same.

What should you do when you’re in a car wreck?

  • If you or anyone is hurt, call for an ambulance. Unless you are a trained medical provider you may not know how bad you’re hurt. Get checked out and leave that to the medical professionals. Remember to always use your health insurance.
  • Call the police. Sometimes someone causes an accident and then asks you to not call the police. They might say they have great insurance or that they will take care of everything. You still need to call the police. Get a report so that if the other driver changes their mind, you will have the proof you need.
  •  Call an experienced lawyer to see if you have a case and if you need a lawyer to help you through this process. Your lawyer can handle everything with the insurance company.
  • Continue with all follow up medical care as recommended by your doctor.

What Can Chip Parker do for you?

Chip will first go over your case with you to discuss what happened. Chip will then discuss your medical treatment, if needed, and how he can help you. Chip will discuss your property damage and getting a rental car if needed. There is no same answer for all car wreck cases. Once you have completed all of your medical treatment, Chip will gather all of your records and bills to begin the process of trying to get you the best settlement offer. Most Car Wreck cases in Amarillo settle, but some need to go to court. Each case requires special attention, because this is not a quick process. An average car wreck case takes 9 months to complete if it settles without going to court, but serious injuries and other factors can make this take longer.

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