Attorney Chip Parker

In 2001 Chip opened his own law firm in Lubbock, Texas, focusing on family law and personal injury. “I can still remember my very first client. I had several jury trials my very first year as a lawyer when many other lawyers my age hadn’t even been inside a courtroom. I went on to serve many more clients and gain trial experience in many different courtrooms, while building a respected and successful law practice. In 2009 I went through a divorce, so I personally know how it feels to go through it all. That experience taught me a lot about how to better understand my clients’ concerns when dealing with child custody, visitation, child support and dividing property and debts.”

Chip was offered a position to join a large statewide law firm that focused on personal injury and helping people that were injured because of the bad conduct of someone else. Chip enjoyed great success for many years and continued to gain experience in the courtroom, trying cases all across the state from El Paso to Nacogdoches, racking up victories. In 2018, Chip finally came back home to Amarillo. Chip knows what it takes to get things done, and learned how to do it all himself when building his practice. He learned how big law firms operate and doesn’t want to be a part of that. Chip believes a smaller firm and fewer cases mean better results for his clients and that is what he does.

Chip has two amazing children. His daughter is a dermatologist in Houston and his son is an attorney in Dallas. Chip is married to Shannon, who is the most wonderful person in the world.

Lisa Reed has joined the Chip Parker Law Firm. Lisa brings years of legal experience to our team and we are excited to have her on board as we continue to give excellent service to our clients.

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